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Art & Furniture


We restore,

transform and recycle

to give long live

to unique pieces with personality. 


Are you passionate about Antique Furniture? 
Do you have a valuable furniture that speaks of your family history,
but is it not your style or is it in need of repair?

The work we do at M&V
is surely the inspiration you need to do it once and for all.
You are going to hallucinate with the change of these works of art!

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Art Decó dream

Have a furniture with history and turn it into a precious jewel thanks to creativity and artistic work.

An unique piece with personality.

Giving back the essence

Returning the essence of inherited family treasures. Restoration of ancient frame gilded with 24kt gold leaf and conservation of oil painting. 

We can help you if:

  • You have a valuable art object that tells about your family history but is not your style or needs repair.

  • You want to have a unique piece with personality, your own treasure.

  • You want to have artistic objects with history and that will last with the passage of time.

We can create great things together !

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