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And, when you love a piece enough to hang it on your wall,
that story speaks a lot about you.

Whether it’s your personality or what you value in life,
art can be the perfect translator.
This lets you forge deeper connections with those who come into your home.

The work we do at M&V
is surely the inspiration you need to tell your story.

Available Paintings

These works are currently available for purchase. Paintings can be reserved with a deposit.
If you would like access to new works, please 

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Lundi, Jour de la Lune_edited.jpg

Original painting

Lundi, jour de la lune.
by Juan Tolomeo

 € 3.800

Oil and white gold leaf 18 KT

On wood panel

150 x 120 x 3,5 cm

About our inspiration

The moon has guided us for millennia.

All human beings are affected by the moon.


The moon represents femininity, time, the cycle. She reflects emotions, change, fertility, growth, but also death and rebirth.

She controls the tides, the rains, the waters, the seasons and our moods...

The moon is associated with the creation.


She never stops inspiring men, she is a goddess sometimes evil, sometimes beneficial...

TAKE HOME a masterpiece,  

add grandeur to your home.

DSC03384 (1)_edited.jpg

Reproduction from

The Hunt,
by Robert Burns

 € 4.800

Oil and Gold leaf 24kt

On wood panel

150 x 150 x 3,8 cm

The Hunt Painting

About our inspiration

This artwork is filled with exuberant rhythm and energy characteristic of 1920s design.  The vibrant colours and patterns of this panel provide an exotic jungle-like setting for the Greek goddess Diana, and her nymphs.


It was created as part of the ambitious first floor decoration for Crawford's Tea Rooms at 70 Princes Street, Edinburgh. Burns was responsible for every detail of the interior design from the murals to the cake-stands.

Robert Burns was a Scottish Artist, an outstanding decorative artist and early exponent of the Art nouveau style in Scotland. Burns followed the example of artists of the Arts and Crafts movement.

TAKE HOME a masterpiece,

this oil and gold leaf canvas reproduction is READY TO HANG

to add grandeur to your home.

We can create great things together !

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